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Before installing ActiveVOS, ensure that you have access to your ActiveVOS Designer or Process Server licenses. Evaluation customers only need a license for ActiveVOS Designer and can use the embedded runtime engine for deployments. A link to download licenses was emailed to you or your company shortly after your purchase or evaluation request.

Apache Tomcat

In Apache Tomcat version 8.0, the maxActive and maxWait database connection pool settings have been renamed to maxTotal and maxWaitMillis. This name change affects the active-bpel.xml and activevos.xml files located in the Tomcat 7 directory.
If you run Apache Tomcat version 7.0, you must perform the tasks described in one of the following options:
Option A
Perform the following task after installation, but before you run the configuration wizard:
Copy the active-bpel.xml and activevos.xml files from
<install home>/server-enterprise/tomcat_config/conf/5.5.x/tomcat7
<install home>/server-enterprise/tomcat_config/conf/5.5.
Option B
Perform the following task after installation and after you run the configuration wizard:
In <install home>/<Tomcat7 folder>/conf/Catalina/localhost, open the active-bpel.xml and activevos.xml files in a text editor and then manually make the following changes:
Save and close the files.

Console-Mode Installation

You can run the installation from the command line in console mode by using the following commands:

Installing Designer on Windows 7

ActiveVOS Designer writes to a number of directories within its installation path; for example, the ActiveVOS embedded Server. Windows 7 implements security mechanisms that can prevent modifications to files located in Program Files and other folders that are managed by the operating system. If this is how your system is configured, installing ActiveVOS Designer under Program Files could result in errors when starting the embedded server and deploying processes to it.
Here are potential workarounds:

Installing Designer Plugins in an Existing Eclipse Framework

You can install ActiveVOS Designer plugins into an existing version of Eclipse 3.7.2 by following these steps:
  1. 1. You must be running Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers. No other version is supported.
  2. 2. Download the plugins distribution.(designer_update_site_[version nnn].zip) from the ActiveVOS download page by logging in to
  3. 3. In Eclipse, navigate to Help > Install New Software.
  4. 4. Select the Add button.
  5. 5. Enter the name that will appear in the available-software list.
  6. 6. Browse to the location of designer_update_site_[version.nnn].zip on your file system.
  7. 7. Select the new item in the list of available software, and click Next.
  8. 8. Follow prompts provided in the Eclipse dialogs to complete the installation.