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Making Requests

A request is a form you submit to start an automated business process. (The form is usually designed in Process Developer and deployed to an Process Server.)
The form is based on information needed for the starting activity of a business process. If a field is required, it is marked with an asterisk.
You may have a personal list of request forms, and they may differ from those of other users.

To view a list of requests:

  1. 1. Select Requests from the left-hand navigation area of Process Central.
  2. 2. If available, select a request folder.
  3. 3. Single-click a request to preview it; double-click to open it in a new tab.
Use Search to locate a request in the current list. You can type in a word from the request name or description. For example, to find all requests with the word "human", you can type human in the Search box.

To submit a request:

Submitting a Request

To submit a request: