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Lesson 4: Running Your Guide

Now that you have published your guide, it's time to run it. There are two possibilities:
  1. 1. Select the URL within the Run Guide area. If running directly from a link, you will need to give it to all of your users.
  2. 2. Place the URL within an IFrame, and then embed the code for this within your application.
Note: One of the reasons for embedding one guide within another and having the embedding guide's Applies To set to * Any * is that it can be run directly. This is useful for testing. Notice also that the guides you create do not automatically appear in the Forms tab on the left.
After clicking on the link, you'll see a a guide that lets you contact. You can display a list of contacts by selecting the push pin. Guide Designer then displays a lookup dialog. After you type text and press Go, Guide Designer display contacts that match what you type. You can type characters within a name, and Screnflow can still find names. For example, "ll" matches "Jill".
After selecting a contact, here's what you will see:
Here are a few more screens that will be displayed:
Now that you have your guide up and running, go through it, checking out the different paths through it, seeing what happens, sometimes not adding information, and at other times adding one or more contacts, opportunities, and follow-up tasks. You should also change a contact's information and check that it was changed.
Tip: To prepare for the final section of this tutorial, View Reports, run this guide several times on some of your leads. If possible, if other guides are available, run this guide as well. By executing your new guide several times, you will generate data that Guide Designer can use when it creates reports.