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Lesson 3: Saving and Publishing Your Guide

You can save your guide at any point by clicking the Save button, and you should have been doing this as you created exercises. Now it's time to publish the guide to your organization.
  1. 1. With your guide saved, select the Home tab in the Guide Designer.
  2. 2. The Home tab shows all guides you've imported and created. You will notice that your Sales Call Follow-Up Tutorial guide is shown as unpublished, whereas you may have published other guides, as is indicated by a green check mark.
  3. 3. To make Sales Call Follow-Up Tutorial available to your users, select it, and then press the Publish button.
That's all there is to publishing.
Tip: You can make changes to your guide any time and re-publish it. The Details panel always shows you when a guide is out-of-date or current. (An out-of-date guide is one with modifications that have not been published.)
Notice the Details panel underneath the Guides area. It shows information about your guide's status.