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Guide Area on Your User's Pages

The guides that you create should be placed on an object's page. For example, if a salesman is creating a lead, you want a lead handling guide to appear on the page where the user is working with the lead's information.
Note: In Salesforce, the pages are actually definitions of kinds of objects; for example, a lead or an opportunity. An individual lead--for example, for a person named "John Smith"--is also called an object.
After a Salesforce administrator alters page definitions, the user automatically sees a Guide area on a page. For example, if an administrator added a Guide area to the Lead's page design, users will see it whenever they look at a lead.
When the user clicks on a link in this area, a new tab having the guide's title appears within the guide area.
Guide as user sees ut
This figure shows the Create Lead with Search guide and a history of the steps the user performed. If the user clicks on a step within the history, Process Designer unwinds what it has done and puts the user back at that step. This also "undoes" the work that was done since that step executed. So, for example, if the user picks a step in the history that precedes steps that created new Salesforce objects, these newly-created objects are deleted.
The way in which steps display within a browser differs, depending upon the device. The previous figure shows how a step would look running on a PC or a Mac. Here's how a guide would look running on an iPhone:
A guide displaying in a smartphone