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Creating Guides

Screenflow lets you rapidly create applications for your users that interact with your systems. These applications run within browsers and these browsers can run on computing platforms such as a PC or a Mac.
Using Screenflow, you create and modify interactive guides that automate your processes and many guides requires no technical expertise or formal training for their creation.
An interactive guide is a set of screens (they are called steps) that your users will execute. Each step contains an action. It could contain information that your user needs, a form that needs to be filled out, and so on. Behind the scenes, steps interact with your application by extracting and storing data.
An example of Screenflow's power and simplicity is automating the process a sales manager would follow to create a call script. Using the guide designer (which is a graphic editing tool), a sales manager would:
  1. 1. Create the screens that contain the call script questions and possible answers. As the options are defined, the sequence of steps from the script appear as a flowchart in the Process Designer (or Guide Designer) canvas:
  2. 2. Insert optional automated actions. For example, you might send an email to the user's manager or another department upon certain outcomes in the script. The guide automatically sends the email as the guide runs.
  3. 3. Publish the guide so users can access it during their sales activities or other business processes.