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Process Server WSHT Extensions

Task data has the following information:
The current version of the WSHT API (at endpoint /services/AeB4PTaskClient-taskOperations) allows you to access all of these data by making multiple web service calls. For example, if you have an application that needs to populate the user interface with the task presentation name, input data, output data, and comments, you will have to make discrete web service calls to operations using the following functions:
Alternate method to retrieve all of the task data using a single web service call is the Process Server getInstance  operation available from the aeTaskOperations port type at endpoint http://host:port/active-bpel/services/AeB4PTaskClient-aeTaskOperations. This operation returns a single element <trt:taskInstance> described in the aeb4p-task-rt.xsd schema. It contains all of the task data, including input data, output data, comments, attachments, presentation information, and the like. (The aeTaskOperations port type is described in aeb4p-task-state.wsdl). The <trt:taskInstance> element also contains some additional useful meta data such as the list of operations the current principal can invoke given the task's current status and the principal's role.
See the XML files at /docs/ae-getTaskInstance-request.xml and /docs/ae-getTaskInstance-response.xml for a detailed request and response example within your Process Developer installation's com.activevos.com plugin directory
The complete list of extension operations provided by the /services/AeB4PTaskClient-aeTaskOperations is shown in the following table:
Process Server Extension Operation
Verifies that the principal can access the service endpoint.
Deletes an attachment using its attachment ID. Process Server assigns an ID for each attachment that is added to a task..The WSHT API does not have an operation for deleting attachments.
Retrieves attachment by ID. (The WSHT API identifies attachments by their name instead of by unique IDs.)
Deletes a comment using its comment ID. The Process Server assigns an ID to each comment that is added to the task. The WSHT API does not have an operation to delete comments.
Updates a comment. This operation is not provided in the standard WSHT API.
Returns full details of a task given a task ID. This operation is useful when you need the complete information about a task with out having to make separate WSHT API calls to get the information.
Provides index offset (for pagination), column ordering, and the like. This is an extension to the WSHT getMyTasks task listing operation.