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Getting Task Lists as an RSS or ATOM Feed

The list of tasks can be accessed as a RSS or ATOM feed using the REST based service located at http://host:port/active-bpel/services/REST/AeB4PTaskFeed. This endpoint also requires the principal username and password.
The AeB4PTaskFeed service implements the WSHT getMyTasks() operation. The request parameters should passed as part of the HTTP GET request query string:
Parameter Name
rss or atom
Optional. The response feed format. Default value is atom.
  • - user
  • - administrator
  • - initiator
  • - stakeholder
Optional. List tasks on behalf of a task role. The default value is user (which is equivalent to potential owners and actual owner).
  • - open
  • - unclaimed
  • - reserved
  • - reserved_started
  • - started
  • - suspended
  • - closed
  • - completed
  • - failed
  • - exited
  • - error
  • - obsolete
Optional. The default value is open, which mean list all open tasks (that is, tasks with status = READY, RESERVED, IN_PROGRESS or SUSPENDED).
Optional. Number of tasks to return in the feed. The default value is 20.
non negative integer
Optional. Index offset used for pagination. The default value is 0.
percent encoded string
Optional search by string value.
Example 1
Lists all open tasks that are accessible to the user. Returns the ATOM response
Example 2
As above, but returns the RSS response. Note the format=rss query string value in the request.
Example 3
Lists tasks that the user is currently working on (IN_PROGRESS). Returns its response as a RSS feed. Note the filter=started value in the query string.