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My Role Endpoint and the Process Consumer

A service endpoint for a process consumer lets you send a message to the Process Server that either creates a new process instance or gets routed to an existing process instance. In BPEL terminology, the endpoint is known as a My Role service endpoint. In Process Developer, the My Role endpoint is referred to as the Process Consumer.
The deployment options for service endpoints are configured as myRole elements within the process deployment descriptor (PDD) and are automatically published by Process Developer when you deploy a business process archive (.bpr).
Services can be deployed as SOAP web services, REST-ful HTTP endpoints, or as unpublished services only accessible to internal clients. Process Server uses the binding attribute on the myRole service to determine how to deploy the endpoint and make it accessible.
When you create a Process Deployment Descriptor, you can select one of the standard bindings for a myRole service. You can also create a Java implementation, if desired.