Administration Console > Monitor > Task Monitoring

Task Monitoring

After selecting the Task Monitoring page, Process Server displays the following page.
Task Monitoring Page
Using the commands on this page, you can monitor:
Active Tasks
View the list of active tasks currently being processed by users.
Work Queues
View work queues by workgroups and tasks.
For an overview of this topic, open the Process Developer Guide and refer there to information on Human Tasks.

Human Tasks

Human Tasks is an extension to WS-BPEL 2.0 that includes human workflow activities within a BPEL process. In a BPEL process, a People activity "invokes" a person to handle and complete a task. Similar to the behavior of an invoke activity, the person returns output data to the process. The task input and output data is sent and received from Process Central (or via the WS-Human Task Web Service). Additionally, users can receive notifications, which contain only an input variable.
Viewing Human Task Information
From the Active Processes page, you can select a process to open the Active Process Detail page. In this page, select a People Activity from the graph or Outline view. The following illustration shows the properties for a People Activity that contains a task.
Active Process Detail, People activity properties
In this view you can select:
In addition to looking at one task at a time, you can view a list of active tasks. For details, see Active Tasks.

Active Tasks

An active task is associated with a running or completed People activity. It contains generic human roles, such as potential owners and administrators which allow users to work on them. Typically this work is carried out using the Process Central, but the comprehensive WS-Human Task API allows the creation of custom applications as well.
Active Tasks page
For a description of the Active Tasks Toolbar, see Report Viewer Toolbar.
The following are the fields displayed for each active task
Id assigned to the task by the engine. Select the Id to go to the Process Central login page. You can sign in as one of the users in the group to view and take action on the task.
Task Name
Name added to the task when it was created in Process Developer
User who claimed the task
Time the People activity was executed
Time the user submitted output data or faulted the task or the task expired
Current lifecycle state such as started, claimed, reassigned
Search By
Search expression added to the task when the task was developed within Process Developer
Using the Selection Filter
Fill in one or more the following filter criteria:
All states of tasks
All Open
Claimed, unclaimed, and suspended tasks
All Closed
Completed, faulted, exited, and skipped tasks
All Problem
Tasks are faulted, exited, or error
Tasks defined to begin at a certain time
Tasks have owners and are in progress
Tasks are ready, but do not have owners
Tasks completed with a fault
User-suspended tasks
Normal completions
Tasks defined as "skippable" and were skipped by the task initiator
Tasks that reached a completion deadline without being completed
System Error
Task failed because of a system error
See also Work Queues.

Work Queues

A work queue is a list of groups associated with unclaimed tasks. Under each group is a list of tasks. Each task has a count showing how many tasks are unclaimed.
You can select the unclaimed task count to go to the Active Tasks list. This list displays a filtered list of tasks of that type.