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The Dashboard and Report pages display business activity monitoring reports. These pages help you understand statistics about active processes. Process Server includes several basic reports, and you can deploy your own custom reports to the server.
The Dashboard gives you a quick status of where your system is by displaying thumbnail reports of the most frequently needed information. You can click on a thumbnail to link to a larger display of the report on the Reports page.
The Reports page has two main categories of reports:
Report page
An active process or task is one that has started, and perhaps completed, execution. A report may provide greater state detail about running, faulted, or suspended processes and similar detail about unclaimed, started, or suspended tasks.
Reports have the following features:

Report Viewer Toolbar

Use the report viewer toolbar as follows:

User-Defined Reports

You can create your own reports in Process Developer and deploy them to the server. During deployment, you can specify a Process group name or Contribution group name for a report category. Using a group name, your reports can be grouped like the process and task reports on the Reports page.
Process Developer provides a project template that contains the configuration details needed for creating reports for deployment to the server. The template contains a connection to database tables and views as well as style elements for the layout and display of reports.
A comprehensive report creation environment lets you create text or graphical reports.
For details, see the Creating Reports for the Process Server in Process Developer Help.