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Indexed Properties

An indexed property is a variable property that serves as a selection filter for active processes. It can also be used in defining events for business event processing. This property holds a piece of data, such as a customer Id, application date, or amount. Using an indexed property in an event service allows for fine-grained analysis of business events as they are monitored by the Event Manager. Using an indexed property in a selection query provides a fast way to filter processes based on important data items. Here's an example of this page
Indeed Properties page
For example, you can retrieve a list of faulting processes that share the same indexed property, suspend processes, fix bad data values, and continue process execution. For details, see Using Selection Filters for Active Processes .
Indexed properties are defined in the process deployment descriptor file. Information in this table is as follows:
Plan Id
The deployed process associated with the indexed property; clicking on this link displays the Deployed Process Version Detailpage.
Indexed property name. This name appears in the Indexed Property list in the selection filters Expression Builder.
Schema type, such as string or double
Variable Path
Process variable name and declaration location in the process
Process variable part for message type variables
Process variable part detail (optional)
For details on how to define an indexed property, see the Process Developer help.