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Deploying a Business Process Archive

The Deploy dialog allows you to add a business process archive (.bpr file) to the Cloud Server or a Secure Agent using Process Console. The .bpr file, created in Process Developer, is similar to a web archive and contains all the resources needed to deploy your project resources so they are available at runtime.
You deploy one .bpr archive at a time, but the .bpr can include all the BPEL files, deployment descriptors, partner definition files, WSDL definitions, and other resources that you need.
To Deploy the .bpr file:
  1. 1. Log in to Informatica Cloud using an account that has administrative privileges.
  2. 2. Select Monitor > Services & Processes.
  3. 3. In the upper-right corner of the Process Console, click Deploy.
  4. Deploy dialog
  5. 4. In the dialog, click Browse to select your .bpr file.
  6. 5. Choose the Cloud Server or your Secure Agent from the Deploy Target list.
  7. 6. Click Deploy.
The server validates the files contained in the .bpr and stores the files in the database. The Deployment Log page shows any errors, warnings, and information about the deployed process files. See Contributions.
After you deploy a .bpr file, you can view details for deployment descriptors, partner definition files, BPEL files, indexed properties, WSDL definitions, and schema files by accessing the specific resource in the Catalog. From the Process Console, select Catalog > Process Definitions.
For information on requirements for deployment to Informatica Cloud and details on how to create .bpr archives, see the Process Developer help.