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Updating Fault Handling

In this section, you will update the fault handling of the original loan approval process to handle an expired human task.
  1. 1. Select the Fault Handlers tab.
  2. 2. From the Catch Event drawer of the Palette, drag an Error activity and drop it on the Fault Handlers canvas.
  3. 3. In the Properties view, click the ... button and set the following property:
  4. Fault Name: b4p:taskExpired (you can use the ellipses... button and select this)
  5. 4. From the Participants view, in the Partner Service Providers section, expand the CustomerService provider and drag the notify operation inside the new Catch activity.
    1. a. In the Properties view on its Invoke side tab, set the Activity Name to Notify CRM Of Expiration.
    2. b. At the Input tab, select XPaths
    3. c. Choose Literal for the E/L type and use the following:
    4. <loan:loanApprovalResponse xmlns:loan=
      <loan:responseDescription>We regret that your application
      could not be processed under our Qik-Approve guidelines. Please
      reapply in person at one of our offices.</loan:responseDescription>
      <loan:description>Loan underwriting could not be completed
      in the recommended time window.</loan:description>
    5. d. To Part: Document
  6. 5. You can rename the error text to Catch taskExpired. Your fault handler should now look similar to this: