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Deploying the Loan Process

To deploy the Loan Process, you need to create a Business Process Archive (.bpr) file by exporting the Process Deployment Descriptor (.pdd) file. These files are packaged in the deploy folder of this sample along with another file containing a .bprd extension.
  1. 1. In the Navigator view, right-click on the HumanApprovalCompleted project and select Export.
  2. 2. Expand the Orchestration folder and select Contribution - Business Process Archive.
  3. 3. Press Next.
  4. 4. Set the following properties:
    1. a. Make sure that the loanProcessHumanCompleted.pdd file is selected.
    2. b. Press the Browse button and navigate to the deploy folder of your project and specify a file named loanProcessHumanCompleted.bpr. Note: the file is overwritten if it already exists.
    3. c. Select Web Service from the Type picklist.
    4. d. Create a .bprd file by checking Save the contribution specification as an Ant script in the workspace (.bprd) checkbox near the bottom of the dialog.
    5. e. Navigate to the deploy folder of your project and specify a file named loanProcessHumanCompleted.bprd--if the file already exists, you will be asked if it is ok to replace it. The .bprd file will have all the choices that you specify during the deployment and makes re-deploying the process a one-step process. You will see how to deploy using the .bprd file in the next topic when you deploy the partner processes.
    6. Your dialog should look similar to this:
  5. 5. Press the Finish button.
  6. A dialog indicating the status of the deployment is displayed:
  7. 6. Press OK.
The Loan Process is now deployed.