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Claiming Updating and Completing the Human Task

The loan that was requested requires human intervention to complete due to the amount of the loan. To complete the loan process a human loan representative must claim and complete the task.
Claim and Start the task
In Process Central, select the Tasks tab. A new task was added to the list of unclaimed, open tasks for the user loanrep1 as the screen shot below shows. If the task is not displayed press the Refresh button. Start this task by selecting the row and pressing the Claim button and then the Open In Tab button:
Complete the task
  1. 1. Change the value of the ResponseToLoanRequest picklist to approved.
  2. 2. Enter some text for the ResponseDescription. Note: You must enter a string that is greater than 10 characters.
  3. 3. Press the Complete button to complete the task.
Go back to the Task list and verify that the task is now completed and moved to the list of Closed tasks: