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Windows Perspectives Views and Editors

The Process Developer uses the basic Eclipse Workbench user interface components: windows, perspectives, views, and editors.
Each time you launch Process Developer, the Workbench window opens and displays a default perspective. A perspective consists of views, editors, menus and toolbars that support a set of tasks.
Each perspective has several views. A view is a unique window, designed for one task, such as displaying an XML tree, listing tasks, or showing object properties. Each view has its own toolbar.
Each perspective also has an editing area where files are opened. An editor is associated with a file type and provides the appropriate file actions. The most common file type is a document that can be edited, but some file types require special actions, such as automatically generating BPEL XML code. Editors share the same real estate, and are stacked on top of each other when several files are open. Many editors have a marker bar where you can add bookmarks, tasks, and breakpoints, as needed.
Here are some tips for customizing your work environment:
Editor Tips
View Tips
Perspective Tips
Double-click the titlebar to make the editor full screen
Hide a view by right-mouse clicking on the view titlebar and selecting Fast View. The view is moved to the shortcut bar as an icon. Click the icon to open the view.
Select Window > Customize Perspective to show and hide views.
Tile two or more editors by dragging one titlebar to the left edge of the editing area
Rearrange views by moving and docking them and by rearranging their tabs.
Open the same perspective in two windows by selecting Window > New Window.