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What is the Process Developer Debug Perspective

The Process Developer Debug perspective contains the views, editors, menus, and toolbars that support the execution of a BPEL process that you create or import into Process Developer.
Processes can be simulated within Process Developer, using sample data, or remotely debugged from the Process Server.
Processes can be simulated within Process Developer using sample data.
During simulation, you can debug your process by using breakpoints or stepping. In simulate/run mode, the process executes but the execution cannot be suspended or examined. In simulate/step mode, execution can be suspended and resumed and variables can be inspected and modified.
In remote debugging mode, the process is suspended when it is first instantiated and remains suspended until you run or step through it.
For concepts and tips on using perspectives, see Windows, Perspectives, Views, and Editors.

Opening the Process Developer Debug Perspective

Process Developer automatically switches to the Debug perspective when you begin simulation or remote debugging. However, you can manually display the perspective in one of the following ways:
Tip: You can open a perspective in the same window or in a new window. Open a perspective in a new window from the Window > New Window menu. There is also a Workbench preference for always opening a new perspective in a new window.

Switching Between Process Developer Perspectives

There are two Process Developer perspectives: Design and Debug. Each perspective has a set of views and menus supporting a set of related tasks.
Use one of the following ways to switch between perspectives:
Tips for displaying perspectives: