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What is a Link

A link is a structure that connects two activities and controls the order of execution of the two activities. In the BPMN-Centric palette, a link is called edge.
A link can include a condition, further controlling when, or if, an activity executes. The condition is an XPath (or other language) expression.
You can add multiple links between basic activities and between structured activities. You can also add links to a basic activity contained by a structured activity.
A link works inside of a flow. When you add a link between two activities, Process Developer creates a flow activity including a link definition, as shown.
Link XML Syntax
<link name="L1" />
<source linkName="L1" />
<target linkName="L1" />
For more information about when to use links vs. using sequence, scope and other structured activities, see Designing With Links vs. Structured Activities.