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Viewing Variables

The Process Variables view has several features to help you easily define and use variables, such as:
The following illustration shows an example of Process Variables list.

Quick View of Variables Used in Activities

When you select an activity on the Process Editor canvas or Outline view, the variables used in the activity appear selected in the Process Variables view.

Using the Process Variables View Options

Use the picklist of options on the Process Variables toolbar for convenience. The following table lists the options.
View Variable
Shows the variable list and lets you open a variable. Useful if the list is hidden. See Opening a Variable to View its Definition.
Show Variable List
Selected by default. If deselected, makes more room for open variables in the view by hiding the list of variables
Show Internal Variables
Deselected by default. If selected, displays the container variables associated with the implicit scopes created for data mapping within invokes, receives, and replies activities. Container variables are named parameters and attachmentCopyResult. For details, see Input Variable.
Show Variable Data
Displays variables in sample data view
Show Variable Definition
Displays variables in definition view
Layout Horizontal
Opens variables from left to right
Layout Vertical
Opens variables from top to bottom
Reload Variable Data
Displays last saved version of sample data
Tip: To rearrange the list of variables in Process Variables view, go to the Outline view and move variables up or down.

Opening a Variable to View its Definition

In the Process Variables view, you can open one or a selection of variables.
The following illustration shows an example of the BuyerPO variable opened.

Viewing Variable Properties

Select a variable from Process Variables view or Outline to put the Properties view in focus.
The following table shows the required and optional properties for a variable.
Required Properties
Optional Properties
Initial Value.
Extension Attributes and Extension Elements.

Understanding Icons Symbols and Descriptions of Variable Parts

To understand each part of a variable, rest your mouse over it to view a description, as shown.
A variable definition can include:
An icon appears to the left of a variable part, property, element, or attribute. The icon, such as a pair of brackets (< >), is associated with a structural entity, such as an element.
Variables used in copy operations have additional visual information, as described in Creating a Copy Operation Using Drag and Drop.
In addition, to the right of a part, a symbol can appear, including: