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Select variables for the validate activity's variable list.
The validate activity validates the values of process variables against their associated XML and WSDL data definitions. You can add a list of variables to this activity for validation, regardless of whether or how they are used within a BPEL process.
During simulation, if a variable is found to contain an invalid value, the process terminates with a bpel:invalidVariables fault.
Note that you can also validate the specific variables used within an assign activity. See Assign for details.
Note also that if the Keep Source Element Name attribute is enabled on a copy operation, it can cause the target variable to be invalid.
For an overview of WS-BPEL validation features, see Validating Variables.
Required Properties
Optional Properties
Name. See Selecting Activity Labels
Join Condition. See Creating a Join Condition for an Incoming Link
Suppress Join Failure. See Process Properties
Comment. See Adding Comments to a Process
Documentation. See Adding Documentation to a Process
Setting Visual Properties and Using Your Own Library of Images
Execution State. See Viewing the Execution State of an Activity or Link
To add a validate activity to the process:
  1. 1. Drag a Validate task to the Process Editor canvas.
  2. You can add a background color to the validate task.
  3. 2. Double-click the validate to open the Select Variable dialog.
  4. Alternately, in the Properties view, click in the Variables field and click Dialog (...).
  5. 3. In the Select Variable dialog, select one or more process variables for validation against their XML or WSDL definition.
The following illustration shows a simple example of using a validate activity to check the values of variables after an assign activity.
XML Syntax
<validate variables="BPELVariableName-list"