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Using the Interfaces View to Create Activities

For an easy starting point for creating activities, see Participants, where you can use options instead of using Interfaces view. If you are not familiar with BPEL requirements for partner link types, you can begin in the Participants view.
One of the key productivity features of Interfaces view is accessing WSDL operations for use in your process designs. You can begin by creating an orchestration project, import your WSDL, and then from Interfaces, drag a port type operation to the Process Editor canvas. For details, see Creating an Activity by Starting with a WSDL Interface.

Interfaces Toolbar Options

Use the toolbar options to add a new interface or filter interfaces to show only the ones you are currently interested in.
Creating a New Interface
Filtering the Interfaces View

Filtering the Interfaces View

Create or edit a Reference Set. Also, select a Reference Set to filter Web Interfaces view.
By default, Process Developer shows all interfaces for all projects in the workspace. If you have several BPEL files open at the same time, you can filter the Interfaces view to display only the interfaces relevant to the BPEL file in focus or the project in focus.
You can use a filter in the following places:

System Services Interfaces

When you select System Services in the new Participant dialog or in the filter in Interfaces view, you see interfaces that are defined within Process Developer WSDLs. These WSDLs are exposed so that you can create activities that can communicate with the Process Server.
The following is a description of system services you can use in receives, replies, invokes, and People activities.
The following is a description of system services you can use in receives, replies, and invokes.
Partner Link Type/Operation
Process Consumer Services
Alert Service
Event Action
Monitoring Alert Service
REST Service
For details, see Using a REST-based Service
Retry Invoked Servic
For details, see
Guide Designer Service Call Step Service
For details, see the Process Developer Guide Designer documentation.
Task Custom Notification
Creates a custom process to execute for a People activity's notification deadline. For details, see Process Developer Human Tasks Help.
Partner Service Provider Services
Process Developer Admin Operations
The operations provide an API to Process Developer administration functions
Process Developer Task Extensions
Some operations that Process Central uses that are not a part of the standard WS-HT WSDL, such as task history and comments
Data Access
Get Server Report
Human Task Operations
These are the core WS-HT operations
Identity Search
REST Service
For details, see Using a REST-based Service
Send Email
For details, see Email Service
Server Log Commen
Shell Command Execute