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Using a BPEL Template for a System Service-Based Process

Select a template to begin building a system-service-based process.
System service-based processes interact with the Process Server in a variety of ways, such as sending an alert when a server event is triggered. The processes are based on interfaces that include both process consumer and partner service provider participants.
For process consumer interfaces, you can use the New BPEL Process wizard to start building your process. When you select File > New> BPEL and click next, you see the New BPEL Process from Template page.
This wizard page shows a list of processes you can create based on system-deployed WSDLs. You do not need to import any WSDL files to create a BPEL process. A process is started for you, with a receive activity, based on an operation from the WSDL resource.
The template generates a BPEL process based on one of the following WSDLs:
Note that when you deploy one of these processes, in the BPR, there are no WSDL or XSD. They are already deployed and available on the server.
In addition to the services listed above, there are other services you can build by starting in the Participants view. Using the System Services in the Partner Service Provider or Process Consumer wizard, you can use the operations for special purposes, including sending an email, or retrieving a user from an identity service. For details, see System Services Interfaces.