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Using WSDL References for Efficient Design

A BPEL process uses the definitions from Web Services Description Language (WSDL) files. WSDL files contain the namespace, partner link types, operations, and messages needed to define process activities, and WSDL files are required in order to create a valid, executable BPEL definition.
You can generate WSDL files in Process Developer or you can add them to the Project Explorer view of Process Developer before you begin creating a process definition.

Creating WSDL Extensions for BPEL

A BPEL process depends upon WSDL extensions that are unique to BPEL. Process Developer can create these extensions automatically if they do not exist in your WSDL files. The extensions are partner link types, properties, and property aliases.

Starting a Process by Dropping an Operation onto the Process Editor

You can begin designing a BPEL process by using the key productivity features in Process Developer. Using either of the following starting points, you expose WSDL operations that can be dragged to the Process Editor canvas to automatically create activities: