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Using Project References

As you create a project, you can keep common WSDL and schema files in another workspace project. Using this technique allows you to maintain and deploy commonly used WSDLs separately. It allows for the best reuse of common resources.
Many resources can be shared between multiple processes. The most efficient practice is to separate them out and place them in one or more resource-only projects. These can then be deployed independently as their own contributions. The process projects can declare dependencies on these resource projects, and are deployed after the resource-only projects they depend on.
You can define another project as a dependency for your current project using Project References.
  1. 1. Before beginning a new BPEL process, create a new orchestration project to store common WSDL and schema.
  2. 2. In the Project Explorer, right-mouse click on the project name of a project that will contain BPEL files, and select Properties.
  3. 3. Select Project References.
  4. 4. Select a project from the list that contains resources you want to reference. The example shows a project named "Common WSDLs":
  5. 5. When you create a new participant, the WSDLs are available, and are displayed in a Project References folder. For details, see Using the Participants View.
See also Deploying Project Dependencies and Viewing Excluded Dependencies.