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Server Log Service

Process Server provides a Server Log that captures the details of server events, such as configuration changes and errors in running processes. You can create a process to interact with the Server Log so that you can add your own message to the log programmatically. This interaction provides a way to troubleshoot your running processes.
The Server Log page is listed under the Monitor menu of Process Console.
The input for the logMessage looks like the following example:
<ns:logWriteMessage xmlns:ns="">
<ns:message>My message to insert into server log
The value for <level> matches one of the Server Logging Level properties on the Logging Properties page of Process Console. Your message is inserted in the log when an event occurs that is defined by that logging level. For example, storage exceptions are Critical level. Engine events, such as BPR deployments and server start up, are Info level.
The values for <level> include the following (case-sensitive):
In the Process Console, you can view the Server Log and filter Logging Service to show the Process filter. With the Process filter enabled, you can view all messages from all processes you create to add a server log comment.
Related Interfaces
System Services also includes two additional interfaces related to server logging.