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Running a BPEL Unit Test in Process Developer

You can run B-unit tests from an Ant script outside of Process Developer or from the B-unit View within Process Developer. For details on command line execution, see Creating and Running a B-unit Ant Script.
You can run a B-unit test in Process Developer by using the Run As command from several locations, including right-mouse clicking on a B-unit test or test suite in the Project Explorer and selecting Run As > B-unit.
The B-unit view opens and runs the test. The following examples show a B-unit with a completed test and a failed test:
You can also run one test from a B-unit suite, as described in Creating and Running BPEL Unit Test Suites.
When you run a test the following events occur:
When the test completes, you can click on an event in the B-unit view to go directly to that section of the B-unit test in the B-unit editor.
In the B-unit view, use the toolbar icons: