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BPMN Implementation: Error throw event
The rethrow activity passes to the parent scope the fault that is originally caught by the immediately enclosing fault handler. The rethrow activity can be used only within a fault handler's catch and catch all elements. The activity always throws the original fault data and preserves its type.
A rethrow activity is part of a default catch all fault handler. See Fault Handling for more information.
A rethrow activity is part of a default catch all fault handler.
Required Properties
Optional Properties
Name. See Selecting Activity Labels
Join Condition. See Creating a Join Condition for an Incoming Link
Suppress Join Failure. See Process Properties
Comment. See Adding Comments to a Process
Documentation. See Adding Documentation to a Process
Setting Visual Properties and Using Your Own Library of Images
Execution State. See Viewing the Execution State of an Activity or Link
Extension Attributes and Extension Elements. See Declaring Extension Elements and Attributes.
To add a rethrow activity to the process:
  1. 1. On the Process Editor's Fault Handler tab or a scope fault handler, add a catch or catch all container.
  2. 2. Drag an Error throw event to a catch or catch all container.
The following illustration shows a simple example of using a rethrow activity within a catchAll fault handler of a scope.
Tip: if you collapse fault handler, you can add a background color to it in the Properties view.
XML Syntax
<rethrow standard-attributes