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Process Server and Process Central Reports

Add resources to deploy to the server.
Many of the pages in the Process Console display information about deployed and active processes, as well as active tasks from BPEL for People processes. Many of these pages contains reports designed in Process Developer using the Business Intelligence and Reporting tools (BIRT) in Eclipse.
The reports are designed essentially by making queries to the database and returning the results in the layout desired, such as tables and charts.
You can create your own reports in Process Developer and then deploy them to the server and to Process Central. As processes execute on the server, the database is updated and so is your report.
After you design and save a report, you can deploy it to the Process Server in a BPR file. A report is a resource that is stored on the server. The reports you create appear on the Report page of Process Console, along with the standard reports.
If you want to also display reports in Process Central, you must create an Process Central Configuration file for it. For details, see Creating a Process Central Configuration File.
The report definitions are stored in the Process Console catalog, so you can view, update, and delete the XML source code for each report, if desired.
A good way to get started designing reports is to look at the sample reports included with Process Developer.
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