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Process Developer Orchestration File Resources

As you develop orchestration projects, you accumulate many types of files, including BPEL, WSDL, XSD, HTML, XML, and others. In addition to these, Process Developer generates some project files that are hidden by default. The following is a list of resources that Process Developer can add to your project. Based on the descriptions of these files, you can decide if you want to add them to your source control repository.
Process Developer Resource
When you save a process, a screenshot of your process is automatically saved as multiple images in a folder named .image. When you deploy, Process Console uses these images to display the Detail Graph View of the process. Without this information, a default process graph is displayed that may not match the look of your process. We recommend that you preserve the .image folder and all files in it.
In the BPR Export wizard, you can make selections for the Web Service URL and other settings. These settings are stored in During subsequent uses of the BPR Export wizard in a project, the Process Developer uses information in this file.
(Human Tasks) When you create a task form for a People activity, you can map task input data to output data fields so that a consolidated list of fields are displayed in the form for the input and output fields that could be merged. The input-output mapping is stored in this XML file. Typically a mapping is created only through a one-time use; however, we recommend you preserve this file with your project.
.BPR, .BPRD,.project, .classpath
Business process archive files (BPRs) can be regenerated by using the Export wizard. However, if preserved, they are easily shared among team members because they are self-contained. An Ant file that you generate (.BPRD file), on the other hand, can contain a Web URL that points to a local host and port that other team members may need to modify.
The Eclipse files created, including .project and .classpath (if used), should be preserved with your project.