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Process Central Advanced Configuration

In addition to providing configuration and multilingual support for Process Central forms, tasks, and reports, you can add more advanced configurations.
This topic covers the basics of how to implement additional configuration, including:
For advanced examples, check
To add your own logo:
  1. 1. In your project, create a text file with a name based on the default file. For example,
  2. 2. Start the server, and open the Process Console.
  3. 3. Search for
  4. This file contains keyIdentifiers and values for the Process Central user interface.
  5. 4. In the Resource Detail page of the Process Console, you will see the Resource Definition for the properties file.
  6. 5. To add your own logo to Process Central, copy the following line from
  7. ae.avc.header.logo.image=../avc-res/images/ActiveVOScentralTitle.png
  8. 6. Paste this line into your properties file (
  9. 7. Change the identifier value to specify the location and name of your logo. For example:
  10. ae.avc.header.logo.image=project:/myProject/images/myLogo197x35.png
  11. 8. Create a new .bprd file for the deployment of your logo and properties file.
  12. 9. In the .bprd, you see a catalog entry for your properties file. For example:
  13. <otherentry typeURI="res:/text/plain" location="project:/myProject/deploy/" classpath="resources/myProject/deploy/" />
  14. 10. Modify the location hint for your properties file. Your properties file must be stored in the catalog location provided by the location hint on the Resource Detail page of, as shown:
  15. location="project:/"