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Managing Deployment Contributions

Add resources to deploy to the server.
A contribution is a deployed business process archive (BPR), managed on the server as a unit of files. Rather than deploy and replace individual BPEL processes and resources, you deploy both current and updated files as a unit that is easily managed on the server.
If you are deploying one of the Process Developer sample projects, it should only have one sample-based contribution.
Contribution Name
Each contribution has a project-location-based identifier. On the Contributions page of the Process Console, you see a list of project:/myProject files. Each contribution is named according to your workspace project name. In the .BPRD file, you can view an attribute named contributionURI that is based on the project name: project:/myProject. This location hint is a helpful way to track deployments on the server.
Contribution States
Contributions have the following states: online, offline, and offline pending.
Your first deployment is version 1.0 and is online. As you update and redeploy your files, older contributions go offline pending and the new one comes online.
Only one version is online. The older versions become offline when all running processes associated with the offline pending version have completed.
Server Management of Contributions
Using contributions, it is easy to do the following tasks on the server:
Contribution Deployment Tips
To maintain the ease of use for contributions, be sure to follow these deployment tips: