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Importing a Visio XML Drawing File

The Visio drawing used in your workspace can be based on BPMN shapes. You import it into a workspace project.
You can import a Visio XML drawing from Visio 2010 Premium (or later) that is created with the BPMN template or flowchart using BPMN shapes. Other types of Visio drawings cannot be converted to BPEL.
To import the file:
  1. 1. Save it as an XML drawing with the .vdx extension.
  2. 2. Select File > Import > Orchestration > Visio XML Drawing
  3. 3. Select a Visio file from your workspace or the file system. The file must have the .vdx extension.
  4. 4. Select a project folder location for the file. For example, select the "bpel" folder of an orchestration project.
  5. 5. If needed, type in a name (or keep the default) for the files being converted to BPEL. You may need to supply a name if the file includes multiple pools. If a Visio file contains multiple pools, each pool is converted to one BPEL file. Multiple pools are not supported in one BPEL file. Process Developer automatically adds the .bpel extension.
  6. 6. If needed, you can overwrite an existing BPEL file.
Tips on converting Visio files: