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Importing a Service Reference

Import a remote WSDL from your server or repository. Keep your local copy in synch with it.
A service reference is a project-based catalog of external WSDL services. You can import external services to a project, while still maintaining a connection to the external location. A service reference is treated as the original location, but resolved locally.
Using a service reference lets you maintain your local copy of WSDL and schema while maintaining an awareness of changes being made to the original files. This technique allows you to decide how best to handle updates within your local copy.
By importing a service reference, you can:
To import a locally-connected copy of an external WSDL:
  1. 1. Right-mouse click on the Service Reference folder in your orchestration project and select Import.
  2. 2. Paste in the URL of a WSDL file that is on your network server, intranet, or Internet.
  3. 3. Associate imported services with a Service Group folder. A Service Group folder contains the imported service and all of its imports, such as WSDL and XSD files. The suggested service group name indicates the location and name of the original WSDL. When you select Finish on the Import dialog, you will see the service group within the Service References folder.
  4. 4. Enable the checkbox for Format file after import to make the XML more readable. The import wizard tries to indent child elements and create line breaks.
To compare a Service Reference with its Original Source:
To compare a local WSDL file with its original source, right-mouse click on the Service Group folder and select Compare with > Import Source. If the files are not in sync, a WSDL file appears in a Compare window. Click on the file to view the differences between the local and the original copies. You can only view the differences. Editing is not allowed.
Tips on Using Service References: