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Importing a Local WSDL

As described in Creating an Orchestration Project, you can add folders for managing process resources to your project in the Project Explorer. One of these folders is for WSDL. You can import WSDL to this folder, or anywhere in the Project Explorer, to have a locally available WSDL for use in your processes.
Once you import a WSDL and its schema into Project Explorer, the port types are added to Participants and Interfaces views.
To import a WSDL:
  1. 1. In Project Explorer, right-mouse click on a wsdl folder (or select a project).
  2. If the WSDL imports a schema or other WSDLs, import the files first to avoid seeing validation warning messages.
  3. 2. Select Import.
  4. 3. In the Import dialog, select File System for the Import source.
  5. 4. Browse to your WSDL and select it.
  6. 5. Note that the WSDL port types are added to the Participants view.
You can manage WSDL files as follows:

Viewing Key Elements of a WSDL Tree

The Project Explorer displays the names of imported WSDL files. Because a WSDL file is an XML file, you can expand or collapse the file view in a tree structure to see elements.
To display the WSDL file as an XML tree structure, click the plus sign next to the file name to show the elements in the file:

Editing a WSDL in the WSDL Editor

You can double-click a WSDL file in the Project Explorer to view and edit it in the WSDL Editor. Double-click an operation or port type to highlight it in the editor.
Your WSDL changes can affect the references in BPEL files, and you may need to resolve them. For example, if your BPEL process refers to a partner link role name that you change, the role name is marked as Unresolved Reference, and you must select a new name from the Properties view to ensure your process is valid.

Deleting a WSDL from Your Project

You can delete a WSDL you no longer need. Select the WSDL file from the Project Explorer, right-mouse click, and select Delete. Any processes using the WSDL become invalid, since the project location is no longer valid. The partner link type and port type entries are removed from the Interfaces view.