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Fork Join

The notation for a fork join container is BPMN only. This control flow is equivalent to a BPEL Flow activity.
When you drag a fork join to the canvas, it contains two paths by default. You can add additional paths as needed. Each path contains one or more activities. Each path executes in parallel.
Required Properties
Optional Properties
Join Condition.
Suppress Join Failure.
Setting Visual Properties and Using Your Own Library of Images
Execution State.
Extension Attributes and Extension Elements.
To build a Fork Join:
  1. 1. From the Control Flow palette, drag a fork join to the Process Editor canvas.
  2. 2. Drag an activity, such as Receive task, to one path.
  3. 3. Continue dragging the other activities to the same or other path.
  4. 4. Add a new path by right mouse clicking the Fork Join and selecting Add Path.
The following illustration shows an example of a Fork Join activity containing two invokes executing in parallel.