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Finding Where a WSDL Component is Used

In Process Developer, you can search for a WSDL component with the Find Where Used option.
The Find Where Used search helps you quickly locate a WSDL component reference in a Process Developer project file.
When you build BPEL processes in Process Developer, you reference the components of the WSDL files. You can search for a particular WSDL component to find the BPEL files that are referencing the component. This search is useful if a WSDL file changes because you can search for and update the references.
To Use Find Where Used:
  1. 1. Select a WSDL component, right-mouse click, and select Find Where Used.
  2. 2. Select the scope of the search:
  3. 3. A list of project files matching the search criteria appears in the Search view. If this view is not visible (it's usually in the group of tabs in the bottom-right corner of the Process Developer window), select it from the Window > Show View menu.
  4. 4. Double-click a file to open it.
In the Search view, you can perform more search functions, such as search again, use a previous search, and search within search results. For more information, press F1 in the Search view.