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Deploying a Process Developer Report

A report is a resource you can deploy to the Process Server and also display it in Process Central, if desired. It is deployed the same way that a BPEL/PDD or other resource is deployed by using the Contribution - Business Process Archive export.
If you are not deploying to the Process Developer embedded server that contains the Derby database, be sure to modify the Data Source Connection details before deployment. For more information, see Using the Process Developer Data Source.
If you want to display the report in Process Central, you must also create a configuration file, described in Creating a Process Central Configuration File
During deployment, you can add a Group Name and Description for each report so that your reports are grouped together on the Process Server Report page.
For instructions on deployment, see Deploying Additional Resources.
A report is deployed as an XML file that you can view in the XML Source tab of the Report Process Developer. It is possible to edit the XML file on the server, as described in Updating or Deleting a Deployed Report.