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Creating an Orchestration Project

You must create a project folder to store BPEL process and related files. A project maps to a folder in the file system. A default orchestration project includes the following in support of BPEL orchestrations:
In addition, there are several templates available to help you get started on your projects. See Orchestration Project Templates.
To create a new orchestration project:
  1. 1. Select File > New > Orchestration Project, and click Next.
  2. 2. Type in a project name.
  3. 3. Do one of the following:
  4. 4. Notice that by default, several folders can be created to store process files and related resources. These folders are provided by the orchestration project's nature.
  5. 5. Your new project appears in the Project Explorer, and the folder in the file system contains a .project file.
You can now create new BPEL process files, as described in Creating a New Process.
See also, Adding or Removing a Project Orchestration Nature.

Changing the Default Location of a Workspace Project

When you are creating a new orchestration project, you can deselect the check box next to Use default location and browse to a file system location to create a project.
When selecting a non-default location:

Orchestration Project Templates

The Orchestration Project templates provide built-in resources and natures to choose a starting point for your project.
When you select File > New > Orchestration Project, and name a new project, you can click Next to select a specialized orchestration project template.
The templates contain files, resources, and orchestration natures (see Adding or Removing a Project Orchestration Nature for information) to help you get started on special projects. For example:
Other project templates help you discover ways to use Process Developer.