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Creating a Property Definition

Create a property definition, and add it to an existing WSDL. Create a new WSDL, if desired, for a property based on a schema simple type. You can create a property as follows:
  1. 1. From the Outline view, right-mouse click on Correlation Sets, and select Add Correlation Set.
  2. 2. In the Correlation Set Properties dialog, select New.
  3. 3. In the Property Definition dialog, select a Name for the property (for example, OrderId).
  4. 4. Select the property type: schema type or schema element.
  5. The property must be a schema simple type.
  6. 5. Select whether to add the property definition to an existing WSDL or to create a new WSDL. If the WSDL referenced in your process is a URL or otherwise shared by many partners, it is best to create a new WSDL.
  7. 6. To create a new WSDL, do the following:
    1. a. Type in a Target Namespace for the WSDL (for example urn:MyNewNamespace).
    2. b. Select Browse, and in the Open dialog, browse to a Project Explorer project or file system location.
    3. c. Type in a filename for the WSDL file, and click Open.
    4. d. Click OK and skip to Step 8.
  8. 7. To add to an existing WSDL, select a WSDL from the picklist. The list consists of WSDLs that were added to your process. Click OK.
  9. 8. In the Available Properties list of the Correlation Set Properties dialog, notice that the new property is listed.
  10. 9. Do one of the following:
If you create a new WSDL, Process Developer does the following: