Designer > Implementing a BPMN Task or Event in BPEL > Creating a Custom Activity

Creating a Custom Activity

Select an activity or activity group previously saved in the Custom palette.
You can save any activity or set of activities from a BPEL file as a custom activity. You can shorten design time by reusing the custom activity in other BPEL files.
To create a custom activity:
  1. 1. Select one or more activities or containers on the Process Editor canvas.
  2. 2. Right-mouse click and select Add to Palette.
  3. The Custom palette appears, if it was previously empty. The selection is added to the Custom palette as Custom1.
  4. 3. Right-click the custom icon and select Customize.
  5. 4. Rename the custom icon by typing in the Name field.
  6. 5. You can use either Small (20 x 20 max.) or Large (32 x 32 max.) images for the item's icon.
  7. 6. Click OK.