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Creating Custom Escalation Actions

In a task definition, you can specify one or more deadlines by which a task must be started and also one or more deadlines by which a task must be completed. If a particular start date or completion date is missed, you can trigger a particular action to occur.
There are several actions that are available, as described in About Task Deadlines and Escalations.
In addition, you can create and deploy a BPEL process to provide your own custom action.
To Create the Custom Notification Process:
  1. 1. Select File > New > Bpel Process.
  2. 2. Name the file and click next.
  3. 3. In the BPEL templates page, select Custom B4P Notification.
A process is started for you, with the receive already implemented. You can add the programming logic you wish.
The interface that is implemented is:
<portType name="IAeTaskCustomNotificationService">
 <operation name="processCustomNotification">
  <input message="aeb4pnw:processCustomNotificationRequest" />
Adding the Service to the Start or Completion Deadline Property:
Once you have created and deployed your BPEL process, you can select process invocation, as described in Invoking a Process When a Task Deadline Occurs.