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Converting Legacy Deployments to Contributions

Process Developer Version 8.0 introduces contributions. A contribution is a deployed business process archive (BPR), managed as a unit of files. Rather than deploy and replace individual BPEL processes and resources, you deploy both current and updated as a unit that is easily managed on the server. For details, see Managing Deployment Contributions.
If you are upgrading to a new version of Process Developer, note that all BPR deployments prior to Version 8 are preserved as legacy contributions. On the Contributions page of the Process Console, you will see one or more entries named legacy:/bpr.deployment The newest deployment has the status of online. Previous deployments have the status of offline pending.
We highly recommend that you delete old BPRs and redeploy your processes and resources to take advantage of contribution features.
Here are some recommendations for converting your old deployments:
Note that as you redeploy your BPEL processes and associated resources, they are removed from the legacy:bpr.deployment and added as contributions.