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Adding Variable Properties and Property Aliases

Select properties defined in a WSDL to use in a correlation set.
Properties are useful on non-message variables as a way to isolate a process's logic from the details of a particular variable's definition. Using properties, a process can isolate its variable initialization logic in one place and then set and get properties on that variable in order to manipulate it. If the variable's definition is later changed, the rest of the process definition that manipulates that variable can remain unchanged.
A variable can have several properties, each defined as a property alias.
A property can be one of the following:
For example, a property might be a purchase order number or a customer Id. A property exists within a WSDL message transmitted during a Web service interaction or in any process variable. A single variable can contain multiple properties and a single property might exist in several variables.
Property Aliases
For each pairing of a variable and a property there exists a property alias that identifies how to extract the value of a property from the given variable, whether the variable part is a simple type, schema element, or complex type. If the part is an element or a complex type, an XPath (or other language) query is required to identify the location of the property within the element or type.
For details, see the following topics: