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About Interfaces Service References and Local WSDL

Every BPEL process requires an interface for Web interaction activities, such as receives and invokes. The interface is a Web Services Description Language (WSDL) file that describes the services and messages to be exchanged in an orchestration. Process Developer provides easy ways for you to add, import, create, or use built-in WSDL files, namely through:
When you add a new WSDL file to an orchestration project, it is available to all processes.
By adding WSDL files and schemas, you have a convenient registry of namespaces, messages, type definitions, sample data, and other elements to use across BPEL processes. To make your work quick and easy, wizards help you jump-start process design by automatically including the WSDL elements needed.
In addition, when you add a WSDL, you can add sample data files for message variables and make the data available for testing and debugging your process.
To display WSDL interfaces, you can select Participants or Interfaces view.
WSDL files are XML-based files that contain the namespace declarations, type declarations, messages, and other element definitions that you can use to create business processes. WSDL files conform to the Web Services Description Language standard authored by a World Wide Web Consortium committee.
Process Developer supports Web Services Description Language (WSDL) 1.1, a W3C Note dated 15 March 2001. For more information about this standard, see