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.bpel. BPEL file extension.
.bpr. Business process archive file extension.
.bprd. Business process archive descriptor script file extension.
.bunit. BPEL Unit testing file.
.pdd. Process deployment descriptor file extension.
.pdef. Partner definition file extension.
.tfrm. Task presentation form.
.vbpel. Visual BPEL file extension.
.wsdl. Web services description language file extension.
.xds. XML schema file extension.
.xml. XML data file extension.
abstract process. A business protocol description document that tells your business partners what a process will look like when it runs. It outlines the steps of process without actually filling in all the actions and data required for a running process. See Executable Process.
activity. A processing step; for example, a Receive activity accepts an input variable and can pass it to the next activity.
AII. Attribute information item. Part of an XML Infoset.
BPEL. Business Process Execution Language.
BPEL Process. A composition of partners, services and operations, and a definition of how data flows among those entities.
BPELVariableName. Name of a variable. Derived from XML Schema NCName.
CII. Character information item. Part of an XML Infoset.
connection pool. As a requestor application opens a connection to a data source and then releases it, the connection remains open for reuse by another requestor. In this way, a pool of open connections is built, with complete authentication information and connection properties. If available, the connection requests to the same data source are satisfied from the pool rather than by making a hard connection on demand, which enhances performance of the requests.
container. A structured activity that sets rules and conditions for executing child activities; for example, a sequence organizes activities to execute in an ordered list.
deadline or duration. The settings for OnAlarm events in a pick activity, event handler, or task.
DII. Document information item. Part of an XML Infoset.
EII. Element information item. Part of an XML Infoset.
executable process. A BPEL process that contains all the actual message data, operations, and partner information required for a running process. It uses the full power of data assignment and selection. See Abstract Process.
join condition. A Boolean expression indicating the status of a link targeting an activity.
my role. A child element of a partner link. A partner link defines "my role" as the role played by the business process. The service called for receive, pick and event input messages is the service fulfilling my role.
partner. A unique collection of partner links.
partner link. Describes the roles that a process and service play as well as what data they can manipulate in that role. A partner link is defined by its partner link type.
partner link type. Describes the kind of message exchange that two WSDL services intend to carry out. A partner link type characterizes this exchange by defining the roles played by each service and by specifying the port type provided by the service to receive messages appropriate to the exchange.
partner role. A child element of a partner link. A partner link defines partner role as the role played by an invoked service.
TII. Text information item. A sequence of zero or more Character Information Items, according to document order; as such, a TII is not manifested in and of itself directly in XML serialization. When mapped to the XPath 1.0 model, it generalizes a string object (which has zero or more characters) and text node.
URL. A web site address, such as