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Introduction to Data Integration Elastic administration

Data Integration Elastic is a licensed feature in Data Integration that you can use to run data integration jobs, or elastic jobs, in a fully-managed environment. The environment consists of an elastic cluster that the Secure Agent manages on your behalf.
An administrator, a developer, and the Secure Agent interact to set up the environment and run elastic jobs:
You (the administrator)
You integrate Data Integration Elastic with your cloud platform to establish a connection between the Secure Agent and the services or products that your cloud platform provides. You also define the cloud resources that you want to provision to host the environment.
A developer designs the data flow logic from a source to a target and runs a job to process the data on the cloud.
Secure Agent
A Secure Agent is a lightweight program that manages elastic jobs and enables secure communication across the firewall between Data Integration Elastic and your cloud platform.
When the Secure Agent receives a job that a developer submits, the agent uses the services or products on your cloud platform to get an elastic cluster up and running on the cloud.
To use Data Integration Elastic, your organization must have the appropriate licenses.