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Create a service account

Create a service account to manage access to your resources in a project.
A Google Cloud service account is defined based on the associated roles. You can create a Secure Agent service account, master node service account, or worker node service account with the associated role and required permissions. For more information about roles and permissions, see Permissions for a custom role and Create a role for a service account.
    1. In the Google Cloud web console, navigate to IAM & Admin > Service Accounts.
    2. Create a service account.
    3. Enter service account details such as name, ID, and description.
    4. Enter details for the service account access to the project.
    5. Select a custom role that you created earlier, and continue.
    You can assign multiple roles to a service account based on the usage. For more information, see Creating and managing service accounts.
    6. Complete the task.