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Before you begin

Before you can create an elastic cluster, verify that you have the requirements to set up an environment on your cloud platform.
Verify the following items:

Verify privileges in your organization

Verify that you are assigned the correct privileges for elastic configurations in your organization.
Privileges for elastic configurations provide you varying access levels to the Elastic Clusters page in Administrator as well as Monitor.
You must have at least the read privilege to view the elastic configurations and to monitor the elastic clusters.

Verify Google Cloud services

Verify that you have the necessary services to create an elastic cluster on Google Cloud.
You must have the following services on your Google account:
Google Cloud Storage
Staging data and log files for an elastic cluster and elastic jobs are stored on Google Cloud Storage.
Google Compute Engine
A virtual machine hosts the Secure Agent.
VPC Network
A VPC network and subnet to host elastic cluster.
Network Service
A network service to provide load-balancing and Cloud NAT.

Verify connections

Verify that you have configured at least one of the following connection types:
For more information about each connection, see the help for the appropriate connector.