File Transfer > Global settings

Global settings

Configure properties that apply to all file servers configured for file transfer.

Folder settings

Configure the Default Home Directory property to specify the default directory where all files received from remote servers are stored. User-specific home directories are created under the global home directory.
Note: Whenever you change the value of the default home directory you must stop and start the file servers.

SMTP server settings

The following table lists the SMTP server settings that apply to all remote file servers:
Host name for the SMTP configuration to use for an email type MDN.
Port on which the SMTP is running.
User name to connect to the SMTP server.
Password for the SMTP user.
Connection Type
Type of SMTP connection.
Select one of the following values:
  • - normal
  • - implicitSSL
  • - explicitSSL
Default is normal.
From Email
Email address from which the email MDN is sent.
From Name
Name shown in the email.

PGP settings

Configure the Public Key Ring and Secret Key Ring to specify the directory where the public and secret key are stored. If the path is not specified, the default PGP key ring path is used.
Note: The PGP Command Line Interface (PGP-CLI) helps to edit the configuration properties file when you have multiple secure agents. You must restart the FIS application for the PGP setting changes to reflect in the file. The configuration file is present in the conf folder of the PGP client that is bundled with the FIS package.